My name is Tyson Edwards and I am your host to the Audio Video Podcast Show and

I would like to thank you all for stopping by.

On this show I will be bringing you weekly interviews with some of the top Audio Video experts in their fields, keeping you update on the latest and greatest Audio Video devices and accessories.

My goal is to provide you rich and informative content that you want to know all 100% free.  If there is a question you want to know, just email me and Ill get it on the show.

250-png About me….

Business owner & Entrepreneur
Landlord expert
Fitness enthusiast

I am the owner of Brightlink Cables and This is an Audio Video Business that I started 4 years ago and haven’t looked back. From this business I have gained extensive knowledge in the Audio Video field and thought what better way grow this knowledge than to share and teach it with others.

I am also Landlord and have been doing this for about 8 years. Through this time I have acquired several rental units which I have gained great experience at managing and maintaining positive cash flow.  I will be taking this knowledge and starting the Landlord podcast show very soon. Stay tuned for more updates or keep checking our main network

Also I take great pride in keeping physically fit as I believe this is a key ingredient in achieving a successful live style.



My Biography


Shortly after Mount St. Helens exploded, I arrived to this wonderful world.

2009 – Present

I started in 2009, a source for premium electronic cables and accessories, and now my current project is this audio video podcast.


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